Pier-Mounted Dual Drive

Pier-Mounted Dual Drive

Used in industrial, municipal, and mining clarifiers and thickeners

DBS Pier-Mounted Dual Drive units have dual concentric output cage drives. The rake drive section is a low-speed, high-torque, totally enclosed gear drive with positive overload protection. The turbine drive section is a heavy-duty, higher speed, totally enclosed gear drive. The variable speed turbine drive comes standard. The Pier-Mounted Dual Drive unit has an external rotating drive drum with attachment points for the rake cage.

Our Pier-Mounted Dual Drive units are supported by a column in the center of the tank, and tank sizes typically range from 40 ft to 300 ft (12 m to 100 m) in diameter. They are often used on solid contact and flocculating clarifiers or softeners.

The main gear and pinion are made from forged alloy steel designed for 20 years of life (calculated per AGMA 2001-C95). The precision, four-point-contact main bearing comes with a 10-year warranty. Each unit requires minimum maintenance thanks to the permanently lubricated rake intermediate gearbox and dry well lubrication on the turbine output.

An accurate torque gauge is integrated into the rake drive on every unit. This gauge can be calibrated in ft-lbf, N-m, or any other desired units. This model also includes alarm and cutoff switches and maximum torque limiting via shear pin or pressure relief valve.

Pier-Mounted Dual Drives are commonly used in the mineral processing, power, and pulp and paper industries.

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