Rake Lifting Mechanism

Used in pulp and paper

Almost all DBS Drive Units can be provided with an automatic lifting mechanism that can raise and lower the rakes up to 36 inches (900 mm). Rake lifts operate by raising the output shaft into the drive unit on S-series models and raising the entire drive unit on D-Series models.

The lift mechanism is fully contained within the drive unit. In most cases, the installation of a DBS lift-equipped drive unit is no more complicated than that of a normal non-lifting clarifier drive.

Choose from manual or powered operation. If the powered option is chosen, the lift mechanism provides positive lift force control to prevent damage to the rakes and the screw jack. In addition, the DBS Manufacturing powered lift design does not require the lift mechanism to rotate. There are no rotary electrical slip rings to maintain, increasing reliability while reducing possible failure points and overall maintenance.

Rake-Lifting Mechanisms are commonly found in the pulp and paper industry.

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