Floating Aerator

Floating Aerator

Used in aeration

The DBS NSA Floating Aerator is a low-speed, high efficiency aerator. This durable aerator combines the efficiency and power savings of low-speed aerators with the affordability of high-speed aerators. Power savings can be significant, in the range of 20% or more.

A planetary gearbox drives the aerator rotor. This gearbox provides the DBS NSA Floating Aerator with its impressive power/cost ratio. Choose from a traditional high-efficiency backward-curved radial blade rotor or a DBS dynamic draft tube rotor.

The gearbox is uniquely mounted directly in the aerator rotor, and the gearbox operates partially submerged. Water flowing through the impeller cools to gearbox to near ambient temperature, allowing longer oil life. The gearbox directly drives the rotor, preventing inherent driveshaft vibration problems common in traditional low-speed aerators. And our unique “torque tube” design connects the gearbox and rotor assembly to the electric motor. This tube flexes laterally to dampen shocks caused by wave impact on the rotor.

Floating aerators are commonly used in the pulp and paper industry.

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