Case Study: Neyrtec Mineral | Lorient, France

Engineering Challenge

Neyrtec Mineral, a long-time DBS client, is a process engineering company and an equipment supplier specializing in raw materials preparation, hydraulic classification, and solid and liquid separation and agitation. Neyrtec designed two large paste thickeners to be used in a Phosphate mine in Northern Africa.  Paste thickeners produce a very heavy mud like discharge that can be over 70% dry solids. To move and process this thick mud requires a drive with exceptional torque capacity and the ability to withstand high torque overloads on occasion.


Two new D120-EE4 heavy duty mining thickener drives were designed by DBS for this specific mining application. This newly designed drive represents the pinnacle of DBS drive engineering. The D120 drives have the highest torque capacity of any DBS drive and rival the output torque of any competitor.  In addition, the DBS drive is conservatively engineered to offer our industrial clients long reliable life and ease of maintenance

The heart of the DBS D120 drive is the newly designed main gear and bearing unit.  The main gear features a 1 DP gear with modified addendum gear profile for maximum torque capacity.  Like all DBS drives, the main gear & bearing is covered with a 10-year warranty. 

DBS has been providing heavy duty thickener drives for the mining industry for nearly 40 years, for use in all mining applications worldwide – from Western Australia to northern Canada, South Africa to Chile, Cornwall, England to Arizona, USA.


Nils R. Young, PE, Director